Choosing an Appropriate Email Client for You: Windows Mail or Outlook?

Choosing an Appropriate Email Client for You: Windows Mail or Outlook?

September 8, 2018 0 By tipitapan

Whenever you set up Windows 10, it is going to provide you with plenty of inbuilt software solutions, counting one for calendar and email. The Windows Mail is one portion of a mailing account as well as calendar offering — the next one being the Calendar — and is a pretty easy-going software application intended to take care of several accounts and legitimately modest email usage.

However, you might be thinking if it is actually worth moving to Outlook, and for whom has the suite been designed for?

Outlook vs. Windows Mail

For the people those who have previously made use of any Outlook version formerly, the Windows Mail application is going to come upon like a lightweight alternative having a few features absent from the experience. The primary disparity between the Mail app and Outlook is the audience that has been targeted. The app that comes bundled with Windows is signified to assist the users and the people who swipe through their emails day after day. However, Outlook has been intended for professionals and business that depend on email. Further, in India, since the Aadhaar Card is being linked to every single thing, you may also Verify Aadhaar Email if you have a Windows mail ID or an Outlook ID and get all the necessary notifications and information without any kind of problem.

Then, solely since the Windows Mail application is even fundamental in comparison to Outlook; it doesn’t essentially signify that it’s a worse practice. This application itself is a decent email client, and the convoying calendar app is going to take care of the events in addition to the subscriptions to the cloud-driven calendars superbly. A well-ordered feature of the Calendar and Mail applications is their design language, which gets well-attuned with the Windows 10.

Other Considerations

Several accounts might be set up with the Windows Mail, comprising Exchange (Office 365),, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, iCloud, along with the conventional POP &IMAP accounts. Utilizing email services that are Microsoft-hosted, such as, are going to make sure that everything is aligned and coordinated devoid of any kind of fuss. You solely require entering the credentials of your account, and the application is going to supervise every other thing.

Credits to the free, fundamental feature utility, the Windows Mail software application has been intended and set up to take complete advantage of the touch provision provided on the laptops and tablets. It’s feasible to operate the on-screen keyboard and utilize the application to riddle through the emails or messages and revert to the contacts that you want to.

A problem that we continuously come across is that of mail synchronization. Trying to synchronize every single account might give rise to errors, which isn’t just infuriating but necessitates troubleshooting. Contact addition out of the linked profiles might not be ideal either, but even then, this is a further simplified application and it’s likely to catch those contacts whilst you are replying to any mail or creating emails.

Apart from that, I personally don’t like the aspect that you require switching among applications for calendar appointments and emails. However, it is free of cost; hence, it is a big advantage, and other people might not have the same opinion as I do.